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Types of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the oldest identified skin disorders. Even the Greek civilizations and the Bible identified the condition. In the past, the skin disease had been regarded as an abnormality. These days, sufferers are more fortunate because more people understand the disorder very well. There are many types of psoriasis identified, and it could be important differentiating each one from the other.

There are about seven psoriasis types that are described and discussed in most books and studies. There may be other types, but they still have to be identified, discovered, or studied about. For now, it would help if you would be acquainted or be familiar with the common types of psoriasis.

Plaque psoriasis – This is undoubtedly the most common among all forms of psoriasis. This type is affecting an estimated 80% to 90% of sufferers worldwide. Plaque psoriasis is characterized by the formation of raised, reddish, and scaly skin areas with apparent inflammation. There are also traces of silvery white scales in the affected skin. Such scaly skin parts are often referred to as plaques.

Psoriatic arthritis – Many people are confused about psoriatic arthritis. Is it a skin disorder or a joint disorder? This type of psoriasis basically involves inflammation of connective tissue and joints. This specific condition could very well affect joint of any kind. The most common affected joints are those found in toes and fingers. The onset of psoriatic arthritis could lead to swelling of sausage-shaped toes and fingers. The condition is also referred to as dactylitis. Moreover, psoriatic arthritis could very well affect the knees, the hips, and most particularly, the spine. It is estimated that around 10% to 15% of psoriasis sufferers also suffer from psoriatic arthritis.

Inverse psoriasis – Flexural psoriasis generally looks like smooth but inflamed skin patches. This type usually occurs in the folds of the skin, specifically at the armpits, under the breasts, under the stomach of an obese person, and around the genitals. Take note that this psoriasis type is highly vulnerable to different fungal infections and is aggravated by sweat and friction.

Pustular psoriasis – This type is often described as raised bumps filled with pus or pustules. The surrounding skin appears tender and reddish. This kind could be localized (appearing in hands or feet) or generalized (appearing in any body part).

Guttate psoriasis – There are countless small round sports. Those spots almost always appear in several larger skin parts like the scalp, the limbs, and the trunk. In many cases, guttate psoriasis is linked with infections caused by streptococcus, which causes throat infection and tonsillitis.

Nail psoriasis – One characteristic of psoriasis is that it could be unreadable and unconventional. Aside from the skin and scalp, it could also manifest in finger and toe nails. Nail psoriasis facilitate several changes in the overall appearance of nails. Such changes include discoloration seen under the plate of a nail, lines across nails, pitting, crumbling of nails, loosening, and thickening of skin under nails.

Erythrodermic psoriasis – This psoriasis type involves widespread exfoliation and inflammation of skin over most surface of the body. The condition may also bring about swelling, pain, and severe itching. This is the fatal form of psoriasis because extreme exfoliation and inflammation could possibly disrupt anyone’s ability to regulate body temperature and to benefit from barrier functions of the skin.


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