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Sunlight as a Psoriasis Treatment

If you have always been looking for an effective psoriasis treatment, you should not look for expensive medications and painful procedures. You might be surprised but you could get a treatment for the disorder for free. To make matters better, you could also have fun while getting a treatment. This is because sunlight has been observed to facilitate natural treatment for the skin condition.

Many psoriasis sufferers complain that flare ups occur more often and in severe forms during winter. More interestingly, when exposed to direct sunlight, psoriasis rashes tend to improve, if not totally go away. This leads many researchers to take a closer look at the potential of sunlight as a psoriasis treatment.

The most significant study that provides credence to such assertions is the one conducted involving 20 Swedish nationals with an average age of 47 years old (everyone a psoriasis sufferer). The subjects were brought to a three-week outing/vacation in Gran Canaria. At the end of the break, most of the subjects reported improved conditions or elimination of flare ups.
Have you ever wondered why you feel refreshed after a vacation at the beach or at places with sunnier climates? The reason could be the same reason why psoriasis sufferers experience relief and improvement in conditions when exposed to enough volume of direct sunlight. There really is what is called as healthy tan.

Playing a key role to the promising element of sunlight to treat psoriasis is Vitamin D, which you know could be directly taken from the sunlight. The vitamin is actually manufactured by the skin as a response to exposure to sunshine. It is the reason why for many years, the vitamin has been promoted as an important factor for skin health. The common experience of psoriasis sufferers when exposed to direct sunlight could be among the many indirect evidences of sun raysí effectiveness in bringing about skin health.

In general, the skin condition is characterized by red, scaly, and usually raised skin (called plaques). These characteristics are often exhibited in the skin covering the elbows, the knees, and the scalp. Researchers look at the theory that the condition may be due to excessive proliferation of outer skin cells, also called keratinocytes.

Vitamin D has the ability to regulate genes in keratinocytes. Thus, the vitamin logically might play an important role in regulation of excessive production in the skin of such cells. This reason is also logically behind the use of the vitamin in treating psoriasis. You could always try this out. Like most psoriasis sufferers, you might experience an improvement in flare ups if you would expose the affected skin part to direct sunlight for a few minutes or even hours.

It has also been found that sunlight could bring about positive changes or improvements to the biochemistry of sufferers. The exposure could also lead to improvements in blood sugar and blood fat levels. In this way, exposure to sunlight could be physical and systemic treatment at the same time.
If you are really in dire need of a psoriasis treatment, there is no excuse why you should not or could not try out exposure to sunlight.

This is free, convenient, and proven effective. Vitamin D is also basically good for the body and for the overall health of the skin.


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