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Effects Of Psoriasis In Your Life

It is difficult if we suffered Psoriasis in our happy life. Psoriasis can affect our skin but the impact of suffering from a psoriasis disease may also affect our emotional and psychological stability. There are two major issues to tackle of having a psoriasis disease: (1) the dermatologist as well as the patient must treat the disease; and (2) the patient may need a psychologist to treat his/her emotional effect from other people being the ugliest individual in their community.

If we psoriasis, the observers of our community may think that we suffers that kind of disease because of bad hygiene and being unclean. Almost a quarter of the psoriasis patients experienced a day or week and even for years that people in their community doesn’t want to touch or talk with them because they are thinking that they will suffers that disease also. Most people everywhere if they accidentally cross a psoriasis patient will look the disease career from head to toe. Wherever you are, either you are in the mall or even in the church, if they see you coming in, they will eventually make a distance away from you.

That avoidance can be a heart-hurting and makes it is not easy to sustain a strong self-image. You may feel frustrated, angry, embarrassed, helpless or self-conscious. And the shabbier your self-image, the harder it becomes to look forward to that people in your community will be going to understand you.

If you continue to worry of what the people will say about your psoriasis will create a major problem to build a stressful life. Stress can make your psoriasis worse. Almost 65 percent of people with psoriasis who became stressful from other people will worsen the psoriasis.
Without proper guidance and understanding from people with psoriasis will lead them into depression, anxiety, and became worse to think of committing suicide because of their body image issues.

One thing to help the psoriasis patient is to build a strong support network that will help them understand of the beauty of life and to understand their disease. The members of the network will not judge the patient of being ugly as a psoriasis disease infected their skin. Your network will make a particular research about psoriasis (how to help them; different kinds of treatments; types of psoriasis; or even the history of psoriasis) and if you can, you can help him also to finance his needed treatments.

You can also ask help from a dermatologist to help them. In that step, he will realize that beauty in life cannot be found only in your outer skin but also at the core of our heart. Love and understanding will lead the way to extend the life of psoriasis patients. Even if by the time they reach as a dying patient, a big smile will extend in their face from the bottom of their hearts saying “Thank You.”

If we are the observers of the community believing that having a Psoriasis disease won’t kill the patient instantly but slowly killing them inside because of emotional stress. We should help them. We should build a social support network. A good start from the members of his family, then followed by his friends until all the community will truly understand about his disease.

Psoriasis disease is a deadly disease but the support network will make their dying time not a disease anymore.


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